Hi, my name is Justin Henle and I am history major and senior. I took this class due to me needing a digital intensive, but I also thought it would be fun and interesting to merge my interest in history with what I need to learn through a digital intensive course. I also thought the course itself seemed interesting, as I know little about the information age relative to other parts of modern history. Overall, I am interested in what we will learn over the course of the Spring. A piece of advice I would give to others is to at least make an effort to spend 60% of the time listening and 40% listening, so that new ideas and perspectives can be heard. Also an assignment I would like to see would be to utilize website building to showcase historical narratives.

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  1. I like your advice about listening and opening your mind to new information! That is a great thing to focus on. I would also like to work on website building.

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