Artificial Intelligence Assignment- Rasputin

Using AI to research Rasputin and create a generated image of him resulted in some interesting results. The sheer level of detail in the essay itself was markedly interesting to observe, as one can see how such AI tools could be utilized for improper use in educational settings. The essay was rather in depth and contained seemingly accurate information on the historical figure. Whilst I did not include it in the document, the AI was also able to come up with sources and some “citations” (formatted very oddly) which were existing relevant sources. The image created by the AI was also interesting, in so far that the image it had come up with on multiple occasions (and two different sites) were clearly based upon existing black and white photos of Rasputin. This would suggest that the AI is less so being “creative”, but rather using pre existing photos and data on Rasputin to create the image. The entire process of creating the image and essay using AI had shown AI almost certainly will be a valuable piece of technology in the future for those doing research, seeking art, and the public alike.

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