Timeline and Assignment Ideas 1/19/23

There were many good ideas presented by various members of class, there were two I will mention specifically as they were the two I had the most interest in. One is using recording studios to do podcast or video creation. The aforementioned idea is something I would love to become better at, as I have little in the way of formal skills in creating such media as of now. The other idea I liked a great deal was that Eliza had which was “It would be cool if we turned the advertisements into an assignment in which we had to come up with an ad for a form of technology”. I like this idea as it would not only be informative about the technology, but also hone our skills in digital design or some other media form of advertisements.

An idea I came up with would be to have everyone break into groups that each focuses on a different form of technology and form of media. An example would be one group focusing on utilizing podcasts to lead class discussion in whilst another might use propaganda. This would give each group the chance to lead discussion through a form of media and or technology they had been working on for some time.

My timeline


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  1. Making an ad for a new form of technology seems like a good project for this class. People can use different forms of media and it is on topic for the course.

  2. Justin,
    This link is to the spreadsheet. Can you provide the link to the timeline that the spreadsheet helps to create?

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