Downey reading and the politics of technology

I thought a rather interesting portion of the reading of “Technology and Communication in American History” by Gregory Downey had much to offer. Whilst there was much about the impacts of technology and its history in the United States, the impact politics had very much interested me. For instance, one passage early on in the reading on page 9 went over how technology was tied to a few of the following Urbanization/Industrialization, the Democratic state, Capitalist market, and national integration. As someone who is usually very interested in political systems, the noting of the role technology and communication played in such systems made their role much more interesting to me as I read. I am very excited to see such topics approached in the hopes of explaining the role and history of technology/ communication and its progress.

Downey, Gregory John. Technology and Communication in American History. American Historical Association, 2011. COPY THE CITATION TO CLIPBOARD

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